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Revelations 19:1 - 'GLORY' OUT NOW

Glory - Haga Mends

Glory - Haga Mends


"This is my most recent single, called 'Glory'. It is all about the goodness of God and how all honour and glory belong to him. When I wrote this song, I was going through some challenges, but God showed me that praise was the answers and this helped me through it all." 

"Despite having released previous albums, I like to see this album as my debut album. In many ways this albums was a new starting point for me. It is a praise album with a 'hint of worship." 


Featuring hit songs such as reign' , Don't be Afraid and 'You are Highly lifted up'

Tour dates

Currently no upcoming tour dates...

This Month

This month God has some great things in store for you. A brand new music video, Facebook Page, Twitter Page and Youtube Channel are but some of the few things coming up this month. Make sure that you stay in touch to stay up to date on all the new things that will be happening this year.

God richly bless you,

Haga Mends

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